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The hottest recent news is about AOL acquiring TechCrunch ran by Michael Arrington. Arrington started TechCrunch as a hobby and build it to one of the most influential tech blogs in Silicon Valley. He made the dream most webloggers have a reality and he did it in five years.

Selling your weblog for 40 millions dollar is like starting as a jobless actor and making it as top A-list actor. Only a few get to make that dream come true. That doesn’t mean you can’t have success with your weblog, you just have to set realistic goals and milestones.

I listed a few entries from the 9rules feed that focus on improving your weblog and how to keep the passion going. We can all use a reminder on the most basic tips about weblogging.

5 Lessons Every Blogger Can Learn From The AOL TechCrunch Acquisition

If you want to succeed in blogging, you have to be the kind of person who doesn’t mind saying your own name… a lot.

5 Tips to Getting Out of an Assignment Rut

Work on your passion project. You’ve got one, right? If not, you should. Just because you are living the dream as a developer doesn’t mean you’re working on projects that you are passionate about.

12 Basic Blogging Tips That Really Matter

when a readers finds something useful for himself on your site he/she then immediately tries to find out who’s behind this site and looks for an “About me” page. This page contains some basic information about yourself and in-detailed info of the blog. This creates a sort of trust on you

Are Tags and Categories Too Much Work?

What are your thoughts and experiences in dealing with/ using tags and categories?

Using Smell To Improve Your Fiction

The trouble with smell is it’s often better experienced than described. It’s a shame, because smell has the potential to help create strong scenes in a way that sight and sound simply can’t.

Life Unexpected

Truth is, being a young father, and having experienced dreadful losses in my family at this age, I have come to appreciate and relate to programs like this. It’s one of those shows where characters can be both the good guy and the antagonist.

In last week entry I mentioned how important it is to have a good hosting company. While content and layout are very important the technical details need to be taken care of also. Tags and categories for example make it easier for your readers to browse content.

To wrap up more advice on writing and the most important tip; always keep writing.