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This week list is rather short, so was the 9rules feed with recent posts for the past seven days(compared to most weeks). Even so I came across a couple of topics that keeps us busy and might give you some thoughts.

Stone Creek Coffee Cupping Sketchnotes

Since this was my first tour of the Stone Creek Factory and a cupping, I decided to capture the experience as sketchnotes, to share it visually with others who interested in the cupping experience

If it something I would like to be able to do is drawing. To be able to ad my own illustrations to a post when needed would be useful once in a while. One doesn’t come across many weblogs where the author uses hand drawn illustrations and writes down a post instead of a few words.

Can you draw and have published some drawings alongside your writing? For us who can’t draw there is always the photo camera.

The Social in Social Networking

I sometimes think that social networks are a misnomer. Yes, they are networks, in that they let users connect to other users online. However, as for being social, that might be where the trouble lies. It’s social inasmuch as you can connect with friends. But it sometimes draws you away from actually connecting with your friends, whether online or offline.

I must say thanks to Facebook I have re-connected with people I haven’t talked to in ages. Not that now I talk to them regularly but the not haven’t seen and talked in years bridge is gone. Should I happen to meet them in person I would be able to easily start a conversation based on the info they provide on Facebook instead of the uncomfortable; “Long time no see, are you still in college or working?”. I find those chit chats annoying and impersonal.

6 things you can stick in your ears to improve your writing

If you think post is a bit silly and rather tongue-in-cheek, you’re correctomundo. But the truth is, we’re hugely affected by our writing environment and it’s important that we experiment and get it spot on.

This can be applied not to writing alone but also in working and studying environment. When I still was in school I would alternate between music in the background when I really needed my concentration or headphones when I was doing routine work. Even now that I’m deaf and noise doesn’t affect me anymore I sing songs while writing out of habit.

Hosting Is Important, Even For Small And Simple Web Sites

With web sites, maintenance turns out to be a lot more significant than the one-time software development, even for the small web sites.

This post reminded me that not everyone is tech inclined and would be helped with tips about selecting a hosting company. When you have a weblog, content and presentation are very important but they mean nothing if your website is down half the time. Since my online presence I have been with three hosting companies that weren’t bad but I couldn’t stand being dependent from them. Since last year I’m on a dedicated server giving me full control instead of sending support tickets all the time.

There is always something new to learn or ponder waiting for us on various weblogs of all kind of topics. The 9rules feed contains a lot more and you should browse it at least once a week to find posts or weblogs that appeals to you.