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On the subject of companies or people suing a website due to a post or comment on it, it’s really starting to look like censure. The most known is companies who get bad reviews and then will sue the site due to it. Seems like analyzing if the bad review is right and improving their service or actually communicating with their clients through their own website and twitter account is not done.

Here in the Netherlands a well know car glass company wants to sue a guy who made a Twitter account with their name and tweeted that the company will sue anyone using a negative hash tag concerning the company. The company itself has no Twitter account nor did they turn to their weblog or website to clear things, they went straight for the lawyers. Putting aside that they got a huge and free marketing considering most people found it hilarious.

Even on the tiny island of Aruba where one online newspaper with a very active user comments ended in court with a lawyer suing the newspaper due to a comment against his person by a user using a nickname. The case was settled outside the court.

It can never hurt to find out your rights as a website owner and to have some disclaimer in place to avoid a legal mess of sue happy people and companies.

Of course this week has also some nice entertaining posts about music a chair and a supercarrier.

R.E.M., “Drive” – 11.19.92

It was kind of a perfect storm: R.E.M. had released what is easily one of the best albums of the decade and, months later, the Reagan/Bush era had been put on notice thanks to Bill Clinton’s win in the 1992 presidential elections.

This post starts like the beginning of a good book. The 90’s seems such a long time ago, pure nostalgia.

Get Angry: Blogger Sued For Comments On Their Blog

In general, the “owner” of the comment is the responsible part for their actions. Unfortunately, there are legal decisions that state that if you moderate and edit your comment queue, you are responsible, thus attackable, for any comments that appear on your blog.

This is happening more and more, it’s a good idea for all webloggers to be aware of their rights.

Boarding the USS George Washington

The USS George Washington supercarrier (CVN-73) is powered by two Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors. It can hold about 80 aircraft composed of F-18 Hornets, EA-6B Prowlers, anti sub helicopters and an array of other weapons that bring the total cost of the carrier alone to over USD $4.5 billion. The USS George Washington is also an ideal venue for a mean cocktail party.

The things you learn from weblogs, the biggest thing I have set foot on/in is a Boeing Jumbo Jet.

Review: “Sumo Sway Couple” Bean Bag Chair

After about 30 minutes I woke up and realized I’d fallen asleep in it. It’s a VERY comfortable chair, and in the winter I can imagine it being a nice place to snooze in near a fireplace. Because it’s a “shaped” bag chair, it actually has a back you can rest against.

This is one review that left me wanting a comfy chair right to put beside the central heating right away. With the temperature starting to drop I only want to sit in a comfy chair under the covers.

A Digger Explains Why Diggers Feel Betrayed… And What The New Digg Looks Like To Him

In the previous system, you were forced to take a look outside of your site (unlike the new one where you just have to plug a RSS feed) and see what Diggers prefer etc. In this new system you don’t have to take a look at what’s popular, just submit your stuff and that’s it. There is no incentive for big publishers to make Digg a better site for its community.

I’m surprised that it was after Digg v4 went live that the Digg community came down on Kevin Rose, v4 was in beta trial for some time before going life. As an outsider I can totally see the community point. Digg is now mostly news from mainstream websites with almost no chance for small sites to make the frontpage.