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Vacation is over, schools are in, autumn has started and most of us are or soon will be spending many hours again on the web. Now that the weather is colder and I feel less like being outside I’m starting to get creative and getting ideas on topics to write about or projects to undertake.

I’m not a fan of cold weather but the fact that the new TV seasons starts and that people publish more makes up for it. Get some advice on writing, read about the joys of a new school year and more beneath.

Simple Rules for Writing Fulfilling Web Fiction

The majority of your readers will never comment on your work. If and when they do, why not do the one thing that would keep them commenting? A quick response tells them that they’re valued. It keeps them coming back. Given enough time, they’ll begin debating with each other, and that’s the best metric possible for the quality of your community.

Some good advice here that applies further then fiction writing only.

The Tram

I had my seat and at the next stop a woman got on the tram holding her toddler on her hip. I ummed and aahhed, tossing up the possibility of giving up my seat. I didn’t really want to stand all the way home but I thought if I were her I’d probably like to sit down so I didn’t have to carry that heavyweight on my hip so I asked her.

As someone who travels only by public transportation I can completely understand the frustrations and I’m sure others do too. My biggest gripe is unhygienic people and people who take more then two seats with their bags.

Perfect Match: Why U.S. Open Tennis Is Made For Social Media

This year, the players’ stakes are the highest, with recent shakeups in the rankings and the new largest ever prize in a tennis tournament: a base prize of $1.7 million for the champion. And what is a high-drama sports event better for than social media? Here are the top reasons why the U.S. Open works perfectly for the social online world.

Lessons Learned after 5 Years of Blogging

Ultimately, when it comes to blogging, your audience defines you. There are pros and cons to having an audience of your own. Without an audience, you can do and say pretty much whatever you want with no issues. The larger your audience becomes, the more scrutiny your words are going to receive.

A long but very good read and so true.

Back to School!

To keep things in perspective, I have to remind myself each year that for the new students, things have always been the way they know them. Part of our job as teachers is to widen their horizons beyond what they have always known and thought.