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Noteworthy Content of the Week

Starting today I will post each week a list of entries from the 9rules feed that has caught my eyes. The entries can be something fun, sentimental, educational, informational or just personal. The ones I list are the ones that got me interested to read them.

Simple Writings Bring Simple Pleasures by mom advice.

The windows were cracked and I could feel the fresh air blowing into our house and the smell of freshly cut grass. I look down at my daughter as I feel her deliberate and persistent tapping on my leg.

Remind Remind Remind by Corey Vilhauer.

All things are relative. We reminded ourselves that every time we felt like falling back into complaint.

Blog Ethics: Writing a Disclosure by Word Grrls.

If you write book reviews, even if you are not paid in money, you should write a disclosure policy for your blog. Having free books from the publisher is payment of a sort. A disclosure would help your credibility as an unbiased reviewer.

Back of the Bookshelf – The Mystery of Disney World by Carole Marsh by Julie.

I got the urge to stop by the library and browse the shelves for new titles to read. I love just wandering through the aisles, stopping and looking at any book that catches my eye. I don’t go with a specific book in mind, I just drift around and grab whatever looks interesting.

HTML5 for Web Designers Book Review and Giveaway
by Jonathan Christopher.

If you’ve read about HTML5 here and there and you can’t stop hearing other people talk about it, HTML5 for Web Designers will get you into those conversations.

Mad Men Monday: Indulge Yourself by Wine Girl.

Really, what I saw going on in this episode was a series of overindulgence. Keeping in mind that I’m all for indulging yourself, but between the smoking and the drinking … wow.

Hopefully this wide range of entries topic will inspire you to write something of your own. If you liked a particular entry from the 9rules feed let us know in the comments.