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It is already week 4 of this series, summer is coming to an end here in Europe. It is very windy, rain everyday and getting darker earlier. The one good thing about autumn and winter is that the amount of content published gets more as we spend more time inside. This week I’m sharing four posts that are a nice and good read. Even short posts have their charm and are better actually as online readers have a short attention span.

The Doctor’s Office

It’s always my fear, though, that one of these days, in the midst of an intense check-up, as we’re considering some serious condition, the doctor will stop, think for a minute, and stand up.

What Perfect Is

Perfect is the way we are born. Perfect is the way we are now. Perfect is exclusively unique.

Top 5 Most Annoying Blogging Clichés

How many or the articles you read on this topic go further into exploring the ways to give your content the deserved spotlight? My take is that without due promotion, aesthetics and a good network, your content is nothing but a king without a kingdom!

Just Another Windy Day

It’s a windy day, you’re walking along the sidewalk, coffee in hand. The wind is nice, just strong enough to blow the cobwebs out of your head, yet not so strong you’re having to hold onto things in order not to blow away yourself.

While going through this week posts I kept being amazed how since I started reading weblogs back in 2003 how commercial weblogs have become. I’m not talking only about ads but content written specifically to link to products and motivating their readers to purchase them. There is a difference in recommending something you really like and recommending something because you make a profit out of it.

Remember how weblogs used to have a blog roll or link list on their site? Most list where strictly sites they read and liked. Now you don’t see that anymore, the link list has been replaced by the banners column and affiliate links.
While I understand we all would like to make some money, hosting and domain only cost minimal 100 dollars a year. It is just there are weblogs that are about money making first and content second.

That’s what makes it a challenge to recommend good content, going through all what’s out there and selecting the best ones in your opinion.