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Noteworthy Content of the Week

It’s week two of ‘Noteworthy Content of the Week’, I have been keeping up to date with the 9rules feed and keeping track of content that attracted me. It has been said many times that a good title is half of the work and this has been proven true again.

Which brings to mind, when you write a post do you come up with the title first or leave it for the last? I for one prefer to write down the whole post and then I’ll think of a fitting title. This works best for me especially as during writing I might change the original purpose or the tone of the post.

The thoughts in my head are culminating into a divergent rant about ADHD, relationships and e-commerce

Can I just cry? Right now. Right here in front of you and say you know what, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve been given to work with.

The MasterChef Cookbook Review

I remember watching the original version with my parents when I was a child, and wondering if I would ever be good enough to go on a program like that (note: I’m still not).

Rabbit Hash and Wine … and a Dog

There was a cop stationed on the porch of the General Store, but we figure he was there to combat stupidity (don’t go falling into the river) as opposed to breaking up fights.

And then, I lost the dog. Almost.

An office door opens, and there is the Consul. A smiling, friendly, neat looking man. He says hello, and bows. My hand twitches back from almost reaching out to shake his when I see he’s not going for it. No hand shaking in this culture, I guess?

Apple – The Cult in Technology

Microsoft’s success quite often is due to its consistency in maintaining perfection and achieving a status quo, while Apple on the other hand survives and grows through its creativity in developing novel products.

Committing to scan and read all posts that come through the 9rules feed is helping me discover new things which I might not know about. As a foodie for example the MasterChef Cookbook is a nice discovery. You also probably noticed that all posts mentioned above are full of the writers personality. I don’t know about you but with an internet full of text I prefer reading posts in which I have a feeling I know the author and not that I’m reading just another generic post.