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Around 9rules: Week in Tech

As another way of showcasing some of the great content to be found on the 9rules network, we’ll be taking a look across the network a couple of times each week, picking out some of our favourite posts on particular topics.

We kick off with everything tech.

First up, an interesting experiment by Eric at SchwarzTech, who lived off his iBook G3 while his MacBook Pro was in for repair. Take a look at his experience plus a few tips for any other Mac users planning to dig out a hardware relic.

Plenty of tutorials doing the rounds this week, including how to set up Ubuntu to synchronise its time over the Internet, tweaking the Windows 7 Taskbar, blocking someone on Facebook and adding topics to Google News.

There’s also a very definite pro-Windows 7 article that sticks it to Mac fanboys.

Jan Oda has written an interesting article about using Twitter for writing web fiction, in which she describes the myriad of useful things she’s used the microblogging service for, including contacting other fiction authors, finding poems and digital art, and then explains the basics of Twitter in a way that’s relevant to writers.

Get Elastic has written a really good feature on how website performance impacts shopper behaviour — even if your site isn’t a shopping site per se, upping performance is sure to improve visitor experience and loyalty.

Did you have a favourite post in 9rules tech world this week?