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Around 9rules: Foodilicious!

spicy-pan-roasted-delicataNever hang out at the 9rules food community when you’re hungry, unless you have food in the house that you can use to make some of the amazing recipes popping up there each week.

Here’s just a selection of food that our clever foodies are insisting you make this week (hmm, maybe that’s just me). With Thanksgiving coming up, don’t be surprised that there are some tips on turkeys and pumpkins, too…

First up, it’s time to get creative with those squashes. Cook Local offers up pan roasted delicata with a kick. Apparently “this dish was so good, we barely had enough for the photo shoot”. That’s my kind of food.

pecan-pieAlternatively, why not try roasted butternut squash and apple.

Let’s move on to pies: Cook Local offers up pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls plus pumpkin pie from scratch, while Kathy over at has one of my other favourites (and I’m not even American) — pecan pie.

Savoury delights aplenty with stir fried sweet potato leaves in chilli, light ‘n’ fluffy homemade whole-grain bread, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato balls and sausage stuffing.

Stuffing for the perfect turkey you’ll be cooking this Thanksgiving weekend.

If you’re stuck for ideas for the big meal, here are six Thanksgiving menus to kickstart your imagination.

OK, I’m seriously hungry now! Thanks food writers — you’re all worthy of my RSS reader – just not before lunchtime!