Darice de Cuba: blogging about everything

In the second of our interview pairs, I pose some questions to Darice de Cuba, who has been blogging at Darice.org since 2003, and has been a member of 9rules since 2005. Darice blogs about food, books, photography, coding, technology and more. Definitely “a weblog about everything”. What made you start blogging? Back in college […]

The Irony of Hynes Developments

Hynes Developments (http://www.hynesdevelopments.com) really loves our logo. The irony, from their mission page: Our approach focuses first and foremost on the social and environmental impact of our developments. We strongly believe that as both individuals and groups our behaviour is greatly influenced by our surrounding physical environment. We seek to understand the social consequences of […]

David Seah: Creative Arrangement

David was an obvious first choice for bringing onto the front page. His avatar is littered across the 9rules forums and his presence is almost omniscient. David is most famous for his printable CEO series and overall “go to” guy for getting life organized. An interview with David Seah, as told to Jayvee Fernandez Do […]