Eaton Web FREE for 9rules members

One of the objectives we saw with the 9rules and Splashpress synergy was to allow the community to enjoy the same benefits of SPM’s network of web properties. As the company grows to develop more products, we want the 9rules community to enjoy these benefits as well.

No doubt, traffic will always play an integral part in the blogging industry. The overall goal is to get the community ubiquitous on the Internet — from SERPS, directories, social media, and even mobile phone traffic. To start this off, we’ve opened up Eaton Web for free for all 9rules members.

Eaton Web is one of the longest running directories for blogs, also serving as a ranking tool for blog “strength” and “momentum.”

You can read more about the service here. We are giving sign ups for free for all members of the 9rules community — nothing like a good extra boost in traffic. If you’re a 9rules member, we’ve posted details within the forums on how to avail of this benefit.