SXSW Web Awards: Submissions

If you know 9rules you know 9rules members usually attend SXSW. One of the nice things about SXSW is finding new sites via their awards (yes, I hear the parties aren’t too shabby either!). People can submit their sites and during SXSW maybe your site will be a winner.

I’m posting this because, as per the instructions:

Only Websites Launched in the Calendar Year 2008 Are Eligible to Enter (Except For “Classic” Category)
This year’s competition is open to all sites launched or redesigned in the calendar year 2008. The only exception is the “Classic” category, which consists of sites launched before January 1, 2008.

Let me be blunt: there are some new sites we’ve seen during 9rules rounds that have a good shot. Submit. Please. Do it. What? You’re still reading. Dang it! Go submit!

If you’d like more information, you can find it here. Adobe will be presenting the award this year. Submissions end December 19th at midnight (CST – NOT EST).

Good luck!!!!!