Round 8 Update

Just a quick update to let you guys know we’ll be making the announcement after New Year’s. I’m more than 1/2 way through the 2nd pass. I must say, it’s a darn good thing I took a second pass because many of you changed your sites around completely (which is a good thing, improvements are a good thing, right?). Thank you for making your sites easier to navigate and find your content. I’m sure your readers love you for that. Anyway, I’m looking at the first week in January tentatively. I need to nail down a date with the guys.

For those of you looking to increase traffic to your blog, I wrote an article about extending your blog on 3by9. End of the year is a good time to fiddle with your site. Start the new year off with a bang. Remember there are many tools available to assist you in achieving your blogging goals. Use them wisely.

Have a wonderful holiday (if you celebrate) and a safe New Year’s. Scrivs wishes that you guys would stop blogging. yes, that’s a joke – no one gets his jokes 🙁