Round 8 update

Just a quick update on my progress. I’ve gone through the list once. What I normally do is wait a couple of days to a week (or so) then go through the list again. Usually the sites that weren’t working during the first pass (or have broken feeds, etc.) are working the second time around. I do this to try to block out what I saw the first time and have a fresh perspective the second time. Going through so many sites at once can be draining.

I know you guys are anxious but look at it from this perspective. From the amount of sites we receive each round in submissions if I went through them as quickly as many would like it would mean I spent seconds on each site.

You don’t want that.

When I go through a site I browse it just like a reader would. I read a random selection of your articles then I take notes on my experience on the site. I use those notes to give feedback later. It takes time to read the sites that were submitted. This is why we don’t have a cookie-cutter rule book on what articles “should” have because each site is different and the author(s) are unique. What works on one site can bomb terribly on another.

I’m not prepared to give an exact date on when the results will be posted but I will keep you guys update. In the meanwhile, next week is Thanksgiving. If you are indulging, have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time with family, friends and loved ones.

If you have any questions…you know what to do. Yes, that’s right – don’t throw them out on Twitter and pray I see it. Write a comment or send me an email where you KNOW I’ll see it. You guys are so smart!!!!