Round 7: Site Feedback

Reviewing the feedback via emails and comments most people preferred private feedback but did not necessarily have access to an instant messaging service today. Let’s try this instead:

1. Send your feedback requests via email ([email protected]) for sites that were rejected Round 7 today until 6pm EST. I will be checking to see if the site is on the submission list.

2. I will do my best to respond prior to the when Round 8 opens up (November 5th). I will be answering them in the order received.

3. Requests received after 6pm EST today are going in the “respond when you get a chance” folder.

Some common reasons as to why a site was not accepted:

  • The site has less than 6 months of consistent posting.
  • We do not accept Blogger/Blogspot sites that have the navigation banner at the top. Those “next” links can lead to anything. We do have members that have Blogger/Blogspot sites WITHOUT the banner.
  • Lack of consistent quality/entries lack depth. Many times bloggers slip into the habit of publishing “something” and will post quick entries that lack depth. For example, a review that says a game plays well with a good recommendation. Be more thorough. What are the system specs it was played on? How were the graphics? Installation? What did you like, didn’t like, could be improved, what should have been left out?
  • Exception: some sites are meant to be “quick” for people on the go. However, quick does not mean lack of depth. If the reader does not receive the information they want the “quick” entry will prompt the reader to look elsewhere.

    An example from a personal blog: “I went to the store, then work, had a boring day. What will I eat tonight?” That’s a set of Twitter entries. Our Personal community is about a person’s life. You went on a date, what happened? You have a problem – discuss the points. Share the funny thing your children/spouse did when you got home. Something the reader can take interest in. The goal is for the reader to get to know the writer, not their schedule.

  • No dates listed on the article. Our readers use dates as a indicator to how deep they’ve navigated in your site. If they are reading an article from 3 months ago perhaps he/she might want to look for a more current article on the topic.
  • No PubDate in an RSS feed – we need that to grab your updates.
  • Lack of proper navigation. Archives, categories, tags, etc. It’s great to have a blog with lovely content but what good is it if the reader can’t easily locate what he/she is looking for?
  • No brain dumps. This relates back to the personal blog example above where a writer drops a bunch of stuff into an entry. We’re looking for conscious, purposeful, focused entries.

If you take an objective look at your site and your site falls into one of those categories, that’s most likely why your site was not accepted. Some of these are quick and easy fixes (Dates, navigation, removing the Blogger banner and if the blog did not have 6 months of consistent posting last round it might be fine now). #3 and #7 are bigger fixes and depends on the direction you want to take your site. If you are pleased with your site as is, end the end, that is all that matters. 🙂

For more pointers for blog improvement tips you can view the archive of previous articles. Don’t forget to put your blog name and URL when you email!

Update: I’ve responded to every one. If you did not receive a response, let me know.