Site Tips

Reminder: Round 8 starts tonight and a site tip

Round 8 opens tonight at midnight. It ends on the 5th at 11:59 PM EST. Feel free to browse the tips written in the past for ideas on how to improve your site. Continuing the tradition – a tip before the round opens.

One of the things that is very clear interacting with people about their blogs is how rare it is for bloggers to have neutral feedback on their site. From people who are strangers, with nothing to gain from being honest about your site. For example, a friend or family member might not give you the real deal about what they are thinking because he/she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. But there is another reason for doing this. Having someone you don’t know browse your site and give feedback will give you a different perspective on your site.

When I want an objective opinion I go to the library (or another public place I can whip out a laptop) and ask people to surf the site. I pay close attention to the expression on their face and which pages they go to first. How far do they scroll down the page? Does anything catch their attention? Their expressions can be priceless at times – giving away what they “really” thought. They liked the site and hated the color combinations on the site. They liked the design but the content didn’t interest them. I usually ask at least five people. This isn’t a lot of people, obviously, but it is enough to spot design problems when they all have similar reactions.

Remember that everyone won’t see your site as you see it.

I look forward to reviewing your site Round 8. If you have any questions, let me know.

Update: I have responded to everyone that emailed me about site feedback. As of 5:00pm EST I’m not accepting any others because I cannot respond in time before the round opens up.