Round 7 Begins

If you follow the blog circles you may know that many blog networks are dying. It’s a shame, but it happens to businesses across all industries. The great thing about 9rules is that we don’t pay you and you don’t pay us. We just mutually help each other out like those cool small fish that eat on the backs of whale sharks. You guys can be the whale sharks.

If you have been here before you know the routine. If you haven’t well you have 24 hours to submit your site and the form is pretty easy. You don’t have to jump through hoops. Submit, go to sleep, think about going to work, then just go back to sleep because that is what bloggers really do.

After you submit don’t stress about when we will announce the sites. We have a good routine and handle it fairly quickly. Just subscribe to our feed to keep up to date and life will be good. Focus on making your blog the best it can be and we will focus on making 9rules the best it can be.

Submit away!

Good luck to all of you whale sharks.