Round 6: Sites Accepted During the Stream

If you watched the stream where we went through the sites you’ll remember some were accepted…but we couldn’t say who they were. I thought I would share some of them…and announce a couple that I had questions on and they responded: This is the one where I said I look forward to watching him grow as a blogger. I like the innocent (enthusiastic) perspective he has towards some of his entries. So often we are filled with the “expert” authoritative perspective, which is fine, but it’s not the “only” perspective. This was the site I was looking at when my eyes popped. 🙂 We had a cryptic conversation about anime. When I said, “Wow, he’s all grown up!” I was talking about Glenn. He was 14 when he first started with 9rules.

That’s all that I can recall of the stream where I could spark your memory. So, without further ado – the members that were accepted in the stream and a couple I got confirmation information from:

I may have a couple of others. As I said, I sent emails out with questions prior to announcing the list. Didn’t want to keep anyone waiting!