One more member and Round 6 starts on Wednesday

I have one last new addition to the 9rules family. I’d like to warmly welcome Zen Habits to 9rules.

Remember, Round 6 begins at midnight on Wednesday, May 7th. Submissions will be open 24 hours.

A couple of things…

  • Yes, we announced some popular sites but we also announced smaller sites so do not think we are only accepting large sites.
  • For a site to be aggregated on 9rules the site must have an RSS or Atom feed.
  • We do not expect a site’s design to be exceptional (meaning we do not focus on design heavily). We do expect the design to compliment the site.
  • We don’t play favorites.
  • We do not accept sites without at least six months worth of entries. If you have a new site our next round is August 6th.
  • If a community does not exist please submit your site anyway as we do form new communities when we have enough sites to support it.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 🙂