The 9rules Member Agreement

With the round and launch announcements out of the way, let’s talk about the next thing I am often asked: what changes were made to the 9rules member agreement? Upon acceptance each member must agree to the 9rules member agreement. You can read the member agreement below. First, let me answer some common questions:

  • Will you be inviting or automatically adding previous members to 9rules?
    As stated in a SuperStream, no, we will not be automatically adding or inviting previous members to 9rules. Previous members are more than welcome to submit their site during a round. Their previous 9rules status has no bearing on acceptance (meaning: just because the site was in 9rules before does not mean it will be added back and we aren’t holding a grudge against anyone).

    We realize there are some people who feel previous members should be added back. As stated in the SuperStream, going back to our roots has absolutely nothing to do with anyone who left and everything to do with current members along with the future plans the Triad has for the sites. Some of the previous members have hung out with us while we did SuperStreams, which was very cool. Good times were had.

  • What about the one content network agreement?
    That clause has been removed from the agreement.
  • Do you accept Blogger/BlogSpot sites?
    No, unless the site owner has their pointed to it without the random site banner at the top.
  • What if you removed my site for lack of of updates? Can I still come back when I start writing regularly?
    We realize things come up and the site cannot be a high priority. Members that fell into this category contacted Yes, those that fall into this category know who they are. Just send me an email. 🙂
  • What do you mean by an articles only feed?
    We are only interested in original content (articles, images, videos, audio, etc.). We are not looking to aggregate Delicious, Twitter, or other third party content. Ads, legal disclaimers, third party content, etc. should be removed from the feed given to 9rules.

  • Can I give 9rules a partial feed vs. a full feed?
    Sure. 9rules never displays the full article.

One quick point before moving on the agreement. We’ve been asked why the blog has the default WordPress theme. The old 9rules templates were deleted. The new design is essentially done, but, well, if we put it on the blog then you guys would see it early! I’ll talk to the guys about possibly putting a header up or something. No promises!

On with the member agreement. It’s short, sweet and to the point, which makes Scrivs a very happy guy…


Member Agreement


Once accepted, 9rules will display portions of your articles throughout the 9rules site. 9rules will not display your full content on the site. Members will maintain the quality of their sites and update their sites regularly (continue doing what you are already doing). Unless notified, 9rules will remove sites lacking updates for 60 days. We understand situations arise and will work with members concerning site updates (inform Tyme you are experiencing a problem as soon as possible).

The topics you write about determine placement in Communities. In the event you decide to change the topic of your writing, notify 9rules of the change and your site will be moved to a new Community. 9rules management reserves the right to remove a site that has content viewed as pornographic, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or racially derogatory.

For your content to show in Communities, 9rules will need the link to your articles only feed. Our system will check your feed periodically for updates and display your updated content automatically. It is important to notify 9rules if the URL of your feed changes.

9rules will provide members with a link to the 9rules member badges. The 9rules badge should be displayed on all pages of your site with a link back to 9rules. You can alter the color and size of the badge to match your site. The overall shape of the leaf should remain unchanged. If you redesign your site, remember to move the linked leaf to the new design.

9rules members are responsible for keeping informed on community and member news. 9rules will post updates in the private member’s clique or on the 9rules blog.

Upon acceptance, you will receive access to the private 9rules area. Conversations that take place in this area are private. Violating this trust will lead to removal of your site from 9rules.

Voiding Agreement

Either party has the right to void this agreement at any time, effective immediately. If a member would like to remove their site from 9rules, the member should use the contact form to request removal.