Site Tips

Hosting is more important than you think

If your site is a hobby I understand completely if you cut corners (to save money?) on hosting. However, if you are serious about your site (to the point you want to aggregate your content), hosting is important.

Uptime is important.

If you are with a host that has a reputation of having bad uptime, why would you host with them? There are free alternatives (or almost free as in extremely inexpensive) that provide excellent uptime. The excuse of not being able to afford hosting isn’t as strong as it once was. A person has a choice and often when taking short cuts, we get exactly what we deserve.

Back to hosting, we need the RSS feeds to be available 99.9% of the time, which is the standard for hosting. Of course there will be times when a host doesn’t make the 99.9% guarantee because things happen.

But they shouldn’t miss it every month or every other month…see what I’m saying?

What do you look for when looking for a host?

  • Features (bandwidth, email, control panel, etc.) are important but take a moment to see what you need in regards to hosting and find a hosting plan that matches your needs.
  • Support is very important. If you encounter a problem, how long does it take to be resolved? Of course, this is contingent on getting all the information from the customer on their first request otherwise the result can be email tag. If phone support is important to you, consider that as well.
  • How often do they update their software? If you want to use scripts that require php5 and your host is still using php4 that can cause a problem.
  • Software settings (and installed modules) are important as well. Do not assume that a host has the software settings or modules you need.

There are many different aspects to finding a host but I hear a lot that uptime isn’t important. Your site needs to be up and accessible for people to read your content.