9rules: Vol. 3, Edition 1

In February I announced that the old 9rules was coming back. That was a lie. The old 9rules was never coming back, just some of the philosophy behind it. We are constantly trying to improve and move forward and saying the old version of anything is coming back seemed like a step backwards for us. So today we are happy to show you what we like to refer to as the 3rd Volume of 9rules, a new beginning with some old time goodness mixed in.

Members, Members, Members

There is really only one thing you need to keep in mind with Volume 3 and that is it features nothing but 9rules Member content. Every piece of content that you come across in every community is from one of our Members. The goal of 9rules is to present some of the best content from around the independent web to people who enjoy that kind of thing.


With so much wonderful content appearing before your screen we understand that not everything might pique your interests so we have allowed a bit of customization with regards to what content you see. With your my.9rules or Chawlk account you can now select your favorite communities and Members and your homepage will display content only from those communities while your favorites page displays just the content from your favorite members. We hope that this allows you to experience 9rules the way you want to experience it.

Round 6

Obviously 9rules wouldn’t be anything without our Members and we are always on the look out for more wonderful sites to share with the world. On May 7th we will be holding Round 6 for submissions into 9rules and we hope that you take the time to apply if you feel you have something to offer our audience. The round is only 24 hours and make sure to keep an eye on the blog for updates on when and where to submit your site.

New Members

We have never been ones to judge our members on the size of their readership because quality of content has no regards for how many people are reading it. With this in mind I thought it would be nice to extend an invitation to a couple of sites that I respected and who’s content I have been following for a while to see if they would want to join 9rules. Here are some of the new members, you might have heard of a couple if not all of them. We welcome them all.

We have more coming up, but these made it in time for our launch.


We started to build Chawlk immediately when we realized the changes we were going to make with 9rules. It incorporates all of the my.9r functionality that so many people have enjoyed and repackages it into a shiny new box. However, we aren’t done with it yet. Our goal was never to break out into just two sites because that doesn’t solve all the problems that we have encountered so keep an eye out as we have more surprises coming in the next 2-4 weeks. For now though don’t hesitate to join in on the great discussions that can be found at Chawlk AlphaBetaGammaZeta.


9rules launched 3 years ago this week. We have had many ups and downs and have made more connections with wonderful people than we could ever imagine. We would not be here without the help of many people and for that we wish to thank them.

  • To every member that has passed through us (not in a bowel movement kind of way) we thank you. It doesn’t matter if you are still with us because each of you have given us an experience that we have learned from and we can only hope for many more experiences from you in the future. You guys always have our backs and know how to pick us up when things aren’t looking too great. We would have no problem crashing at your place when our landlords kick us out for not making huge barrels of money off of you.
  • Our audience. I have no clue what to refer to you people, but you are more than fans. It is amazing the interest you show in 9rules and when we start to think that nobody cares about us, you come along and ask when the new stuff is going to hit. You say crazy shit like “GIVE ME A PREVIEW OR I WILL JUMP OFF MY BOTTOM STEP” and we love you for it. Thank you.
  • To the haters. As much as we love our Members and Audience I have to give out a thanks to all the haters, doubters and people who just for some reason or another wish for our downfall. You probably provide us with the most inspiration to push on and try new things. Without you telling us that we matter to nobody, that we should give up or that our glory days have passed us by we wouldn’t do things the way with do with such a killer attitude. Bless you.

We hope you enjoy Volume 3.