Officially Endorsing Barack Obama For President

We don’t normally do this here at 9rules, but in our last podcast the three of us realized that we’re all backing the same person for President, and that’s Barack Obama. I can’t speak for Paul and Tyme on this one, but here are my reasons for why I will be voting for him:

  • Obama has been against the Iraq war since the beginning, has not voted for it, and has never wavered in his beliefs that we need to get out. Even when Hillary was asked during the last Democratic debate if she regrets voting for the war, she never admitted she was wrong, and I think I’d have more respect for her if just once she said that she made a mistake. She continuously justifies her vote for the Iraq war and that drives me further and further away from supporting her.
  • Obama supports marijuana decriminalization which would save the U.S. hundreds of millions of dollars per year, or more, since jailing someone is so expensive to taxpayers.

These are just a few issues that pull me to Senator Obama.

Whoever you support, make sure you get out and vote because it’s crucial.