Drinkcast II Tonight @11pm

Tyme updated you beautiful people not too long ago about what is going on with 9rules and the Triad, but I figured you missed my voice so I would offer a bit more. Tonight we are doing Drinkcast II where we kick off our shoes, pop open some cold ones and talk about everything under the sun. Doesn’t seem interesting? Well maybe this review by our man Jason Ellis will entice you and let you know how things really go down.

If you are subscribed to this blog then it is because you want to know more about 9rules. For that I suggest you subscribe to ExpertIdiot where I’ll be detailing some of the decisions that we have made on 9rules in the past and where the future is taking us. It won’t be all butterflies and unicorns. We have made some mistakes and I will tackle these as well. Some interesting changes are ahead and it’s always good to keep you guys informed.

If you don’t care about anything I said in the first two paragraphs and just want some more of Scrivs then Yo Scrivs! (please, please, please, please ignore the design for right now) should give you your fill.

Beyond that I have nothing more to tell you except I look forward to talking to all of you tonight at Drinkcast II.