Tis the season to be jolly…

*Tyme dusts this blog off, looks at the date of the last entry and makes a mental note to update this blog more.*

It’s the end of the year. The time went by fast and a lot has changed in 9rulesland. We added a lot of new features to the site. Made a lot of under-the-hood changes for how member content is gathered and displayed. Added Clips and Cliques. Updated user profiles. Added comments on profiles. Added a Stream to easily follow what users are saying on the site. Design changes. Users have a dashboard to keep track of everything…but this entry isn’t about how much 9rules has changed.

It’s about the holidays which really boils down to spending time with the people who have meaning in your life, that you love and treasure. We talked about that a bit in the 3by9 podcast last week. It’s good to take time out and appreciate the things we have because it can be easy to get caught up in what we hope to achieve.

From the guys and I, we hope you are having a wonderful and safe holiday season and have a rockin’ New Year’s. See you on the flip side (2008)!