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To Mike and Tyme

To Mike and Tyme,

We launched on Tuesday and we haven’t taken a step back since then to reflect what we did. Even worse I have not said my thanks so shame on me.

Mike, you went above and beyond what I thought you were capable of and that is being for real. Somehow you take our vision and make it visually greater than what we set out for it to be in the first place. The design is just nasty hot and you have shown that you truly are one of the best designers on the web.

Tyme it’s a shame that most of the stuff you do doesn’t get seen. Maybe if we had a Tyme ticker page it would work like the stock market and show all the activity you do behind the scenes and people would understand the importance you had to this launch. You kept our focus and gave us the time to do what we needed on the site to get it done. Props to you Black.

Without you two 9rules would only be 99% of what it is now…errr wait, I said that wrong. 9rules wouldn’t even be 1% of what is today. You two made this launch possible and that’s no bullshit. Put your drinks this weekend on the 9rules tab.

Whoever the hell pays for that don’t ask me.

Hugs and Kisses,