The Triad Launches 3by9

We make a lot of observations here behind the scenes about the web and other things. IMs are passed around hourly laughing at someone’s blog entry or completely disagreeing with another’s prediction. Obviously since this stuff happens privately nobody gets to see it. We fill Notes up with our thoughts, but in the vast community of 9rules they get mixed in with others and our voice is no different (that’s a good thing) than the next person’s. Because of this I started to get an itch that I just couldn’t scratch.

I needed a site where I could voice my opinion and it would be found. I needed another blog. I spoke with Tyme and Mike about my itch and they had the same itch as well and no we don’t sleep together. We figured the obvious thing to do was start a site where we could all do some of the writing that made us known in the first place. With that said we came up with 3by9.

Remember when blogs were about writing something worth reading? Remember when you knew that when you visited a site you wouldn’t be disappointed? Those types of sites used to be all over the place and for one reason or another they are diminishing. People are moving on or the idea that the more stuff you write the better chance you have of being found is more popular than just writing great stuff. What do you get with us? Three articles weekly with a podcast mixed in.

That is three different personalities, with three different writing styles talking about subjects that interest them, while trying to outshine each other. Competition is good and it is even better when it is internal. We’ve already got some entries loaded up on the site so have a look and be sure to subscribe to the feed.