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Open Source Powers 9rules

When it comes to coding up this site we have three options:

  1. Do it ourselves.
  2. Put a blindfold over Tyme’s eyes and four keyboards and hope that after a week of solitude she pushed out something cool.
  3. Get someone else to do it.

We went with 1 and 3, but not in the way you might be thinking. The core of 9rules is powered by WordPress, bbPress and simplepie. Now you can’t get both of those packages, install them and all of a sudden have another 9rules. We customized them a ton to fit our needs, but without them as the foundation we wouldn’t be close to where we are now.

So much of the stuff that we do around here extends on the principles created by these two wonderful software packages. Too often we have visions of coding elaborate websites that do things that no one has ever seen before, but unless you are dealing with hardcore computations, most of the stuff you need has been done already in one form or another. Do enough research, a little bit of tweaking and you have your own version of whatever you want.

We never expect to have a technological advantage over anyone and in all honesty it is hard to imagine many sites having one anywhere on the web anymore. The value we bring to the many people that use 9rules will never be what we keep under the hood, but what we provide on the outside and that is where we want to maintain our advantage.

There are circumstances where putting the effort in the backend to give yourself a huge advantage pays off, but many times you just need to provide people what they want and it doesn’t matter what you use to achieve it as long as you do.