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Making A Better…

You hear the phrase “someone needs to make a better…” or “we just created a better…” many times on the web today. Maybe someone is set on making a better Digg or a better Google. With every new version of 9rules we set out to make a better 9rules than one before. How well we succeed each iteration is up to the users, some like the new stuff, some prefer the old stuff. Either way, each version of 9rules has improvements and offers a small change in direction.

The next version of 9rules is no different. Except that Ali2 is the first 9rules that I can remember that took longer than six weeks to develop. We have been working on it since April and what is interesting about it isn’t that we needed to work night and day to code and design it, but every time we reached a finished product we took a step back and figured we could do better. So we went back to the drawing board and continued to improve upon it.

Internally we kept on setting deadlines for when we figured we would launch and every time we reached that date we weren’t satisfied with what we were left with. However, each internal launch date we could have made the site live and it would have been better than the current site you see now, but that wasn’t good enough for us. I can’t say what the difference is with this version versus prior ones, but our mentality has seemed to change with it. There is a drive behind Ali2 that wasn’t present with previous editions of 9rules.

We have literally tweaked the design and how things work 5-10x over and after the 10th time looked at it to see if we were happy. It wasn’t about being satisfied with what we did, but we wanted to be happy and satisfied. If one of us didn’t like something about a page we made sure to let the others know about it and we tried to fine tune it. Doing this across three different states wasn’t always easy, but we got it done and next week we can’t wait to show the world what we have worked so hard on.

Ali2 launches on October 9th so be sure to pull up a chair because we are making a better everything.