Tyme comes out of hiding and announces new members

It’s been a while since I’ve announced new members. I’ve reconciled I’ll be going through submissions for the rest of my life lol. Nothing like contacting someone who submitted their site months ago and they are shocked I’m still going through them. It is a good feeling.

We have three new members to 9rules:

hthth (my9r) – Think Artificial (site)
PilotJohn (my9r) – Pilot John (site)
TheAnimeBlog (my9r) – The Anime Blog (site)

Brave souls these three…coming in during a transition. I want to thank them for their patience. We’re doing things a bit different as we prepare for Ali2.

Once again…if you haven’t received an email from me I haven’t reviewed your site yet so you weren’t rejected unless you get an email from me saying you were…and why. I’ve only gone through perhaps 1/3 of 3700+ emails (I stopped counting because the number was throwing me off) and that’s having one on one interactions with each person (ranging from thanks for the feedback to help in improving their blog). For those statistical people, yes I am announcing 3 out of about 500 but the difference is there are people working on issues whereas in previous rounds either a site made it or they didn’t…without knowing why. The end number might be 50 – who knows? 🙂

Congrats to the new 9rules members! Glad to have ya.