Damn Thing Taking Forever

From start to finish 9rules Ali didn’t take us that long to complete. We put our heads down and barreled through code, design and content changes to push out our best 9rules yet. Of course we think each new iteration of 9rules is the best one yet because nobody likes to create something new and go backwards. Ali2 is taking a bit longer…well much longer actually and there is a very good reason for it.

We are passionate about what we do (whatever that may be) so when we work on something new, usually we push the first version out the door because we want to share it with everyone. With Ali2 some pages have gone through four, five and even six revisions already because we are stepping back and seeing already what can be improved. In addition this version of 9rules is at least 3x the size of the current one so you can imagine it is taking us a bit longer to develop.

What is really great about working on this version is how we are challenging ourselves to think a bit different how to approach each individual page. If you have followed 9rules since the beginning you know that each design we do is usually a radical departure from the previous one and this time it is no different. Some pages needed more information on them to the point where you might think information overload is going to kick in, while other pages lost a ton of weight and yet became more useful.

It is always easy to tell developers and designers to test, test and test some more their new stuff before they release it, but while you are developing the site everything becomes second nature to you so you begin to assume it will be second nature to the users. With the current 9rules we know that isn’t the case. We get user questions daily and although I am sure we will eliminate a ton of them soon, more will pop up and we are trying our best to find them before we release.

So yeah it sucks that Ali2 isn’t out yet (we joke about a 2010 release date) because we want to show everyone what we are working on, but we are also not frustrated that it is not out yet because we are trying to do things right. With the amount of stuff being added on top of what is already a great site it seems that 2010 was more of a realistic date than we expected.

BREAKING NEWS: Tyme has just informed me of some more 9rules structural changes that will need to be made so you know what that means…