The More That Arrive, The More Things Stay The Same

If you have been on the web long enough then you have more than likely been a part of a large community. 9rules was always considered a community, but more of a closed-in, exclusive one. Last year we opened the Community up a bit more with Notes and our little Community began to get a bit larger. Many people take growth as a good thing, but how often have you seen growth take place in a Community or business and it only made things worse?

At 9rules, we enjoy growth, but never at the expense of quality. When we add more sites to the Network, we sometimes hear complaints that we are no longer exclusive even though our official Member count is about 0.0000001% of the total number of sites on the web. After Notes launched last year and Ali in February we heard even more mumblings that opening up 9rules was only going to make it like every other public access forum in the world.

10,000 my.9r users later and we can happily say that 9rules has only gotten better over time and with the upcoming Ali2 expect 9rules to get 10,000x better. If you haven’t already, signup and become part of the next 10,000 that helps keep the 9rules tradition of quality rolling.