The Network


So I decided to join WeightWatchers because I heard so many great things about it and wanted to lose some weight. They gave me great feedback on how to go about losing weight and getting back into the figure that I want as well as connecting me with some great people who are going through the same stuff as me. I figured it would be easy all I had to do is signup and the weight would magically start to come off.

I noticed that after a month I still weighed the same as before. Nothing had changed although I joined WeightWatchers. I didn’t understand it because I continued doing things the way I always do, but being a WeightWatchers member meant I should’ve started to lose weight.

So I got mad at WeightWatchers for not doing what I thought they would do and that is help me lose weight without me doing anything. They explained to me that they gave me the resources to see a change and all I had to do was put some effort into it, but that isn’t what I wanted. Joining them should’ve meant that I could lose weight easily…hell, almost automatically.

I quit WeightWatchers because they didn’t do what I expected of them and walked away knowing that I did everything I needed to do on my end to get the job done. I’m sure I would’ve met some of these people even if I hadn’t joined WeightWatchers so in my mind they did absolutely nothing for me and I am disappointed and can’t recommend them to anyone.

I’m off to get liposuction now because that produces instant results.

And that was your Saturday analogy.