Behind 9rules: Weekends

If you have a normal job in an office, weekends are the time of the week you get to enjoy. When you own your own company though, weekends can either be time you take for yourself or time you take to work uninterrupted to finish some new features. When you control your own paycheck there seems to be a mentality that you should never take a break and keep on pushing. We sort of take the opposite approach.

I know each of us is online in some form or another during the weekends, but rarely are we online at the same time collaborating. I’m writing this entry on a Saturday knowing not many people will read it and knowing that Mike and Tyme are off enjoying themselves, but I like the idea of writing at this time because it is freedom.

In this Web 2.0 world there is a mentality that you must get big quickly and that means 20 hour days and weekends don’t exist. We have been around since 2005 so we are old timers in this game yet we aren’t on the cover of Time Magazine yet or throwing massive parties with $150k sponsors. 9rules has always reflected our personalities and a large part of that is realizing we only have one life to live and there is no reason pretending that a couple hours spent busting our asses on the weekend is going to change the world.

However, those couple of hours we spend on the weekends with friends and family will have more of an impact than anything we could do here. I’m not saying there aren’t weekends where you won’t find me coding up a storm, but I am just saying don’t forget Web 2.0 isn’t your life. Enjoy it while I go back to coding up some stuff for Ali2.