9rules Is A Top 25 Blog Directory…Kinda

We have been labeled as many things during our existence, but blog directory is one that I can’t recall being bestowed upon us. However, this is how Blogger Buster has referred to us in their Top 25 Blog Directories entry.

22. 9Rules
Not exactly a blog directory, but by creating an account your blog’s RSS feed can be aggregated.

Signing up for a my.9r account and participating in Notes can actually be a great way to gain some exposure for your site and build some relationships and if that is the point of a blog directory then I guess you can call us one.

In other news, we knocked out a couple more pages for Ali2 (main Notes preview) and are very, very excited about what we are bringing to the table. Usually, I don’t like to hype things because I leave that up to Mike, but damn this stuff is going to be so cool and some of it is stuff never seen done before on a content network.