Behind 9rules: When the cat’s away

When you are part of a three person company the little things can stick out a bit more than if you were in a big company. For example, today I have to leave the “office” and be out for a couple of hours. This happens on occasion with any of us (Tyme seems to be glued to her chair though), but it doesn’t change our routine and 9rules just keeps on flowing.

However, I know when I’m out I will think about what is going on and wonder if I am missing anything. It is a twisted scenario because you don’t want to miss anything important, but then when you get back and ask what you missed and they respond with nothing you are disappointed as well. When Mike is away and it is just me and Tyme we will chatter and magically if Tyme mysteriously disappears (I’m telling you people it NEVER happens) then I am sure Mike and I would just chatter.

When I am away I have no idea what goes on here and I can’t setup a hidden camera because all I would see is an empty desk vacated by me. So when I’m gone today if you notice any crazy stuff Tyme and Mike might be up to be sure to let me know because I need to know these things and get to the bottom of what happens when I am out.

In your place of business do you think crazy events take place when you are not around?