Behind 9rules: Lunch Time

Lunch time at 9rules is pretty consistent. It happens in three stages every single weekday.

  1. Tyme prepares her lunch around 11am. There is a 95% chance that it will involve chicken. There was a time period where I swear she ate chicken for 11 months straight.
  2. Around 1pm (or more depending on when he gets up) Mike will ask me what he should get for lunch. Back in the days this was easy because I could say anything and he would be down for it, but now that his wedding is approaching he is on a strict diet and therefore his choices are a bit more limited. Now he asks me what type of grass he should eat today.
  3. Between 1pm-5pm my stomach will begin to tell me that in most cultures it would be considered lunch time or Mama Tyme will ask if I have eaten yet. Now this is where I break off into two directions: 1) I’ll go get something quick or 2) just forget to eat.

Very rarely though do we all go get lunch at the same time.

Sidenote: I wanted to make this edition in video form, but my iSight isn’t cooperating. It’s almost forcing me to buy new toys soon.