Behind 9rules: Looking For Approval

Okay, so title wise I’m the CEO of 9rules, but that doesn’t mean that I can just go around making decisions without the approval of my partners (although I sneak some stuff behind the lines at times). So today I came up with an idea to do a preview of The Stream, but instead of just showing a screenshot I wanted to link to the actual page. Now I could’ve done that without asking them, but that would cause some pretty pissed off people and when there are only three of you having even one person unhappy isn’t a good thing. So, I setup a meeting to discuss things and like with any meeting where you are looking for approval you have to consider who you are pitching to and what you will need to say to each one to get the approval.

Mike: With Mike I figured this would be pretty easy because he designs the pages and likes to show them off to people. Usually, Tyme and I are the ones who have to hold him back from showing the world everything we are working on so with just a couple of tweaks to the page I was sure he would be okay with it. I got Mike convinced within the first 20 seconds so I was good on that front.

Now for the true test…

Tyme: You see Tyme is the thinker of the group. While Mike and I will make a quick decision based on our gut, Tyme will weigh all the options and rate all the possible outcomes. This is invaluable to us since Mike and I have our own thought process. This is also helpful because she has helped guide the way I consider things now and so I can almost predict how she will make a decision.

I made sure I covered all the bases and she didn’t have many questions meaning I answered them already so that was a good thing. Now I just had to wait for the okay…

Let me tell you, waiting for either one of them to give the go ahead to an idea you pitch is like waiting to see what your mom will do after you tell her you threw a baseball and broke the TV. She gave the okay and that meant we were good to go! Good times, good times.

Now don’t get me wrong, not everything goes this smooth. Sometimes one of us will do something without consulting the others because we don’t see what the big deal is and sometimes it goes over smooth and other times it doesn’t. Since we are small everyone likes to know what is going on because we are all apart of the same thing. It is definitely something I am still getting used to, but I am working on it. Out of the three of us I am the most guilty so I don’t know how Mike and Tyme can deal with me, but then I remember how cute I am and figure that is the only explanation.

Now if I would just learn to stop rejecting all their ideas then life would be good.