Behind 9rules Introduction

When you are involved in something you often don’t realize that other people may be curious as to what is going on behind the scenes or how things actually work. With 9rules being a unique company in that there are 3 of us working at any given time during the day in three different states, I’m sure our method of work is really different than others. Because of this we thought it would be cool to start a series that gives you a look at how we work.

Mainly it will be me just talking about what has been going on and telling some stories because Mike and Tyme get camera shy (and do more work than me so they are busy). I plan on doing the series mostly in video format because it just works out better for me so I hope everyone enjoys it.

For now let me tell you what happened today:

  1. Tyme played video games for 9r research.
  2. Mike set a new IM record for most idle time.
  3. I wondered why one line of php code differed so greatly from another when the looked exactly the same for about 5 hours.

The series will go into a bit more detail than that, so take it as a quickie. I would also love to get the [email protected] podcast going again so maybe we can work some magic on that front as well.