9rules submissions: closed for the time being

For the time being I closed submissions for new member sites. What Scrivs, Mike and I used to do was spend a very short period of time on a site, make a decision, move on to the next one. The truth was we couldn’t spend a lot of time on a site. Let’s do the math: if we spent 5 minutes on a site it would take 92 hours to go through 1100 submissions (what we had last round). We have more submissions than that this time. 🙂

I wanted to do things different. Scrivs, Mike and I make the decision together but they are coding now. When they code, I go through sites, get a list together and I’m armed with information when we make decisions. Round 5 we accepted sites from members who participated in notes. We got to know them, we liked their style, they demonstrated they could interact socially without insulting people…things that wouldn’t normally show on a blog because their sites didn’t receive many comments and did not have a lot of traffic.

As much as we know people want to hear from us (ok, me) I will not rush this process because we don’t want to make mistakes. We don’t want to deny someone because we didn’t spend enough time or accept someone we shouldn’t have because we were focused on getting done. Believe me, sometimes it’s tempting to just spend 5 minutes because I’d get done quicker but I don’t think it’s the right thing to do anymore.

And with the sites I’ve gone through and I’m interacting with, Scrivs and Mike still have to give the okay. Most likely none will be added until the next feature/bug fix release (no ETA) because that would be chaos. As I said before adding a site to 9rules doesn’t stop with going through the sites. On average I spend approximately 30 minutes on each member getting them up and running. I’m not doing the math on that one lol.

I’ve closed submissions to stop the waiting times. We have a long list, no ETA on going through them all and I didn’t want to stress out anyone else or put additional pressure on myself, Scrivs and Mike. It was hard to do but in the end I think it’s best.