Submitting your site to 9rules

Time to answer some questions:

When is Round 6?
How do I submit my site to 9rules?
Tyme I sent you an email, I haven’t heard from you!

Let’s talk. =)

Round 5 we had 1100+ submissions…and all hell broke loose. Major hosting companies had serious issues resulting in many losing their entire site. Poof! There was downtime, change of URLs…you name it, we experienced it last round. We ended up going through the sites during the holiday, under the pressure of “we haven’t heard from you”, “you rejected my site, why?”, “when will you be done?”. The massive problems made what we normally enjoy doing a chore never to be repeated again.

So what next? Well, I’m thinking on that but until the time you read that amazing announcement (*rolls eyes) if you want to submit your site to 9rules, follow these instructions.

If you emailed me since Ali’s launched, I’ve got it. Since Ali, I’ve been busy fixing member issues or administrative stuff so honestly I haven’t looked at any of the site submissions. That means you couldn’t have been rejected if I haven’t looked at it. I will begin going through the submissions the week of the 19th.

Round 5 people – email me again. I was looking at the sites today and too many URLs changed, feed changed or other issues to be efficient to go through those lists again.

Ok, that about does it. Questions? Let me know. If you’re going to SXSW, have a great time…and take pictures of Mike please. He always avoids the camera. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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