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The 9rules Story

Since we have a lot of fresh faces coming to 9rules now I figured not too many of them know the story behind 9rules and since every great company has a fascinating story to tell…

The 9rules Story opened on August 14, 1980. When I was born I knew I was destined to create a place where a great knitting site done by a man could sit next to some bastards. Around the age of four I knew that this place had to also be a destination to join a discussion with other strangers who you probably wouldn’t like in real life. By age 5 I thought it would be cool to see everyone else’s photos so I could realize that I am the ugliest person on the planet.

In school people would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I would always tell them I would be a Ruler. They laughed, called me names and occasionally threw rulers at me, but they couldn’t break my resolve. I knew what I wanted to do and I was going to be a Ruler no matter what. I just needed some help in doing so. So after college I told my parents I was going to take a walk for a bit. I enjoyed walking because it helped to clear my mind and when I looked up I was in Rochester.

Without having any idea on how the hell I ended up in Rochester I figured the safest thing I could do was find a young Jewish guy to help me out. Lo and behold I ran across a fellow by the name of Mike Rundle and he seemed like a swell lad. We talked it up, battled with some rap verses and waxed poetic on design issues. Soon after I knew I had found partner #1 in helping me on my quest to become a Ruler, but we knew we needed one more.

Now I’m superstitious and I like to find patterns in things so I sat down and thought what type of person should be the third Ruler. I made a list of traits.

  • I live in Tampa, one of the greatest places to live (seriously).
  • Mike is a white guy with who you would say has a lot of black in him.
  • I’m a half-white, half-black male who has a tendency to act like a girl in sticky situations.

With those traits I figured I needed a black woman, who had a lot of white in her, was strong and lived in the worst city in the world, Cleveland, Ohio. With those kind of specifications I knew we were in trouble because a person like that certainly couldn’t exist, but to my surprise we found the perfect match: Tyme. Hell, even her last name is White.

So there it was, I had my team and we would become Rulers. 3 people leading 9rules. 3 goes into 9 three times so the symmetry is more than just a sign of destiny. What happened after that will be saved for another story, but that is how 9rules got its start.