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9rules Ali

When we began work on Version 5 of 9rules we had to come up with a codename, and we came up with Ali. There were many reasons for this, but one of them was that with each round he fought, Muhammed Ali grew stronger as a fighter and that’s what we wanted Version 5 to represent. It is impossible to write one entry that documents everything that has changed and been added, so over the next week you will see entries from us highlighting different sections. For now we’ll just leave you with a few starting points:

  • 9rules Live – expanded to give readers more options for viewing 9rules member content
  • 9rules Member Site Profile – each 9rules member has a dedicated page for their site
  • Topics – Find information quickly on popular topics
  • my.9rules – customize your experience on 9rules

Now we are off to get a little bit of rest, but there will be plenty more talk about all the new stuff that 9rules has to offer.