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Writing For You

Within the 9rules Forums, there is a fascinating discussion going on about who do you write for when you own a site. When you start a site I think most people fall into the category of writing for themselves because they feel they have something worthwhile to say. After some time though I can see the transition being made to writing more for your audience. Thinking about whether or not they will be interested to read what you write or what type of entry you should write to get the most comments becomes part of your thought process.

The ironic thing is you built your audience by writing what you wanted to write so in theory they should have no problem with the stuff you write, but yet I know some of us still fall into the trap of wondering if they will like what we put out or not. In all honesty that isn’t a problem at all because as our sites mature they stop becoming a one-way communication medium and start to become a community on their own.

This does not mean that you have relinquished power of your site, but if you open up comments you are indirectly saying I care about what you have to say. If someone invests their time to write a comment on your site you can believe that they are going to feel they have become a small part of it. This may not happen after one or two comments, but if they are commenting on all of your entries don’t be surprised if they begin to feel like this.

Never though write about something you aren’t happy with. It will reflect immediately in your writing. They may like it or they may not, but at the end of the day what matters is that you are still enjoying what you are doing. If your current audience doesn’t like it, there is a good chance there is another one out there that will.