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Round 5 update

Thank you very much for being patient with us while we sorted through the list. With so many submissions we had to find a way to go through them all. We tried several different approaches and we agreed on one that we think will work the best.

So without further ado, starting tomorrow you will see regular updates for acceptances in 9rules. We normally do one big list and it’s over and done. Instead, we will be making regular announcements over the next two weeks listing the sites that have been accepted. We aren’t trying to drag this out but we had to find a way to thoroughly go through the sites. People forget that after the acceptances, I have to email them, they have to accept the membership agreement, get set up in the forums, put the lead on their site, they have to be added to communities, and Scrivs has lots of fun taking screenshots of all the sites. There is work beyond the list itself and that had to be thought of as well.

Once we are completely done with the list, a final list will be posted. I will be sending out acceptance emails with 24 hours of the link being announced here (most likely the same day). When the final list is posted that will be the time for those that didn’t receive the email to let me know. How long will this take? The announcements will be made over the next two weeks.

Thank you again for your patience. We really appreciate it.