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New Additions 12-29-06 (the end…)

This is it. After the holiday I will put up a final list. Congrats to everyone!

There is a large list of sites where I need to contact the owner with questions. This will not happen until after the holiday. Instead of rejecting those sites, we decided to dig a bit deeper and ask some questions. There are a couple hundred on this list and again, I will be contacting them individually and will be announced later if accepted.

If you emailed me about the status of your site, I will begin going through those after I contacted everyone on the questions list since many of those who emailed me are on that list. 🙂

If you site was down/had hosting problems, email me. When a site is down we can’t review it. 🙂

Thank you for being patient with us while we went through the list. Thank you for supporting 9rules.

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Congratulations everybody! Happy New Year!