New additions: 12-11-06

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Congratulations!!! You’ll be hearing from Tyme very shortly 🙂

A quick note regarding there only being 2 new members today. No, we didn’t slack off this morning and only go through a handful of sites, we actually went through more sites today than we normally do but the decisions were pretty difficult. Some things that we came across that hurt a site’s chances for acceptance:

  • Writing a lot in October to get ready for Round 5 Submission, and then not writing again afterwards.
  • Long gaps in posting. Some sites will write 3x a week for a month and then take a full month off before writing again. We don’t ask members to have a set schedule, but we do like to see consistency because it sets readers’ expectations.
  • Blog posts that are dominated by YouTube videos that weren’t produced by the blog owner. Scattering videos throughout a longer article to break up the monotony or have some fun is a great idea, but when you have 3x as many videos in your post as sentences then things get a little fishy.
  • Long quotes, little interpretation. Some blogs that we’ve gone over have 3-4 paragraphs of quoting in an entry and only a few sentences of original thought or interpretation. Quoting someone else and then voicing your opinion is great if you’re actually responding, but using the quote as your entry isn’t really the way to go and could get you into some copyright troubles.
  • Splogs or “cash blogs” don’t make it into 9rules because it’s not what we’re really about. Some people submit their blog and you can tell the goal is just to make a cheap buck. I’m not talking about generating some revenue on a subject you’re passionate about, but more like blogs on mesothelioma or bankruptcy that have a gajillion AdSense blocks splattered about. We don’t let sites like these in no matter what.
  • And I guess I should probably say this since it might not be clear to everyone, but we can’t let a site in that has only static content and no blog or news-like information. I can’t tell you how many brochure-type sites submit 🙂