The Network

The Public Face of 9rules

What is the Public Face of 9rules? Is it a professional corporation? Is it an elitist cult? Is it solely a place to find good content? Maybe it’s a place where you can post your thoughts and see what others think. How about a place to build connections and discover new friendships?

Do the people who run it represent it well? Is it okay to wear a purple hat or act like a fool in front of the camera? How do you approach keeping hundreds of people happy? What is professionalism? More importantly who are the people that have to represent the public face of 9rules?

We are:

  • cocky
  • humble
  • smart
  • idiotic
  • ugly
  • cute
  • kids
  • old people
  • horrible singers
  • bad dancers
  • human

Most of all, we are ourselves and that’s how we will always be. We will correct our mistakes when they are made (and we make a lot of them, trust us, we know), but we won’t “fix” the idea that being true to ourselves is the only way we know how to operate. This place is run by humans, you can go find the robots somewhere else (there’s that cockiness). However, these humans will always strive to make themselves better and can only do so when people voice their opinions (there’s the humble side).

Warning: The size of my nostrils may cause heart problems.