The Network

Round 5 Update

You want a Round 5 Update, huh? I know, you curious people…

I’m more than 3/4 through the list (first pass). That’s when I bumped into some serious organization problems. What worked with 700 sites doesn’t work with 1191 so…thanks to Scrivs helping me out today, Tyme is more organized.

My goal is to finish the first pass this weekend, start the second pass (smaller) by Tues. All the sites (over 100) that were down should be restored and functioning. If not, email me and let me know. I’ll post another update next week.

What are the guys doing? Going through the list when they aren’t programming “stuff”. Ha, thought I was going to give up details, eh? So they can kill me? Don’t think so, but I must say they’re awesome. Wouldn’t trade them for anything or anyone. That is all.

Another update next week – thanks for being patient with us.