$5000 Blogging Scholarship

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I’ve been swamped with 9rules Round 5 email lately, usually asking questions that I can’t answer, for example:

How will I know if you visited my site?
You were at my site and weren’t there but 30 seconds! How can you make a decision that quick? (Guess what? That wasn’t me!)
When will the list be announced?

So…it was great to receive an email from Paul Stamatiou that he’s up for a $5000 blogging scholarship. Congrats Paul!

this is where you go vote for paul

One thing I’m pleased about (besides Paul being up for the award): blogging is finally getting recognition. The requirements for the scholarship are fair (we know Paul’s doing good in school!) and I love this requirement:

Your blog must contain unique and interesting information about you and/or things you are passionate about. No spam bloggers please!!!

did you vote yet?

If you are in college, you missed this one but be on the look out next year for the scholarship or other opportunities. Congrats Paul and good luck!